Thank You For All Of The Wonderful Feedback! We Love Doing Business In Dunwoody! - Wade Auto Staff


I've been looking for a car repair shop where they're knowlegeable, honest, reasonable, and helpful - and I found it here! Quick turnaround, they don't try to upsell you anything, thorough in checking out my car - really pleasant dealings from start to finish.  - Maureen B.

I absolutely love this place! I have been coming here for the past few years and I will never take my car anywhere else.  - Tara K.

I look for three things in a repair shop - Integrity, Integrity, and Integrity - and Wade Automotive has never let me down.  - Bryce U.

Took my car here based on previous reviews and they are absolutely correct.  - Michael C.

The entire staff jumped in to help me after my radiator hose broke in route to work. Employees immeditaley assisted me and my toddler out the car. They found the part and replaced it within a few hours.  - Alexis B.

These guys are both terrific and trustworthy. They have been able to resolve every issue I have brought their way over the years with both my cars and their pricing has always been fair. I highly recommend their services!  - Paul T.

The GMC dealership said I needed to spend $7,200 for a new engine because my engine was shot! Wade Automotive took a look at it and fixed the problem for $228!  - Phil R.

The guys were excellent to work with. They provided great service and pricing was fair. Will come back!  - Jane B.

I can't say enough good things about these mechanics. Their first clss service and straight forward attitude makes this the best place to have your vehicle work done. I recommend them undoubtedly!  - Karen W.

We have gotten service here several times and had a great experience. Jennifer at the front desk always does her best to help with scheduling and answering questions. Jesse goes out of his way to explain his recommendations and has always been fair and honest with our repairs, which is very valuable. He has even made suggestions that have saved me hundreds of dollars compared to what other shops or dealers would have charged. I feel good about recommending Wade Automotive Repair to my neighbors in Dunwoody and elsewhere.  - William D.

Great place to take your vehicle. Honest people and great value. I take all my vehicles here.  - Ken J.

Chris and the team here are absolutely fantastic! They take excellent care of your vehicle, only recommend services you need, work fast/clean, and are genuinely good people. We've moved from Dunwoody to north Marietta and still take our vehicle to Wade. The drive is well worth it!  - Jacalyn K.

Great people, other places were trying to sell me on an alternator, they actually did full testing and determined the ACTUAL cause rather than try to make a couple hundred bucks quickly for something that worked fine. They earned my loyalty for sure!   - Josh S.

I've been taking both of my vehicles to Wade Automotive in Dunwoody for the past few years. They have fantastic customer service, their pricing has always been reasonable, and they've always completed repairs quickly!  - Thomas P.

Besides being knowledgeable and friendly, they are honest and are the best in car repair works. Keep it up guys!  - Virginia V.

They know what they are doing and won't do you wrong. You can't get better service.  - Madison W.

Very professional mechanics. They are very knowledgeable of every car model. Their services are fast and prices can't be beat. Highly recommended!  - Willie R.

Couldn’t be happier with the service here. Jesse is the only shop I took my car took that actually checked the brakes on the car to see what I needed first! Prices are great and excellent service!  - HR B.

Have had my Xterra fixed here for years! I would drag it across the world to get it repaired here! Honest service and only charge for what works.  - Reddevils

Awesome! A mechanic shop you can TRUST. I have trust issues, so that is HUGE if I trust them.  - Trish R.

Awesome Service. my 2006 BMW was having issues with battery and i called the dealer and was quoted a price of $475.. got it done at wade in half of that price. They have my business forever now..  -  muzzafer K.

I've had Jesse and the team work on a couple of my cars. They are EXCELLENT! You won't find more honest and capable people than these. Plus, their rates are very competitive. Five Stars all the way.  - J Creates

I love Wade Automotive. They are honesty and have manage to keep by Z4 running like 'butter'. I've recommended them to several of my other girlfriends and they all are pleased with the work they had done by them..  - Charmae G.

Chris is always honest and up-front about doing work on my wife's Mini. He shoots straight and their team gets repairs done quick. Thanks guys!  - Nathan B.

needed a new o2 sensor, they got the part in a day and installed it in less time than it took for me to go get lunch. also it was a fraction of the price the dealership quoted me. good customer service.  - Elana E.

This shop is great. Very honest and detailed mechanics. Look no further than Wade's! I used to live in Dunwoody and have since relocated to Downtown Decatur and will still take my car to this shop even though I probably pass 10 shops to get to Wade's.  - Patrick S.

Fast. Courteous. Honest. Well priced. The best automotive repair experience ever!  - Vanessa G.

I brought my 2000 Chevrolet 2500HD pickup in because the A/C was not working, but Jesse vacuumed the system and filled with freon and mag oil, and got it working good for 2/3 what it would have cost me elsewhere.  - John G.

Awesome job! Very trust worthy and honest. Pinpointed my problem, with a great price, and provided same day service when my check engine light came on. Trusted me enough to let me leave and come back later when the part was being delivered without making me pay first for diagnostics. Jennifer I think her name is, super sweet. Tall young man who fixed my car explained everything in detail. Gave me pointers on what to look for as my car ages even more. I highly recommend this business.   - Claire H.

We've loved Wade Automotive for a while now, but today they went above and beyond: our car needed a jump in a parking lot nearby, and Wade came and met us at the parking lot to jump the car and get it back over for a look. I was dreading waiting for roadside assistance to come jump the car just to pull it 200 yards into the shop, but Wade turned what would have been an expensive 3-hour ordeal most likely into a quick 30-minute inconvenience. Thanks!  - David J.

They are honest and fast. Have been going to Wade for over 5 years.  - Scott B.

Excellent service, they fixed the problem promptly and at a fair price. They were also happy to explain what was going on with the car and even vacuumed it before I picked it up. Would highly recommend.  - Jonathan L.

This place is the best!! Great prices and knowledgeable.   - Crystal L.

ve brought both my cars to them. They have A1 service and they will help out in any way possible. Great service!!  - Brianna T.

Jesse and the staff at Wade are exactly what you look for in an auto repair shop - they are honest, fair and get things done.  - Josh B.

Jessie and his staff are amazing. They are honest, well-priced and always courteous; an overall great auto shop!   - LaShawn B.

The first experience I ever had with this shop was bringing it there as a second opinion to a shop that wanted to do all this work for almost $1000. Without charging me a cent, they inspected the car and told me no work was necessary at that time. They turned out to be right and I didn't need work for the next year. I have taken my car there ever since.  - Daniel B

 Awesome. The guys there really look out for the better of your car.  - Chuck R.


Good job on the two Mercedes vehicles I've taken in. Fair prices, work done as quoted, and no pushing for extra work.  - David L.

The rear window on drivers side of our X3 broke.  Contacted Wade Automotive and they gave a quote that was reasonable.    Scheduled an appointment and they fixed it as promised.   The battery on the X3 was 7 years old getting tired.   They phoned us about a problem.  They changed out the battery for less than one half that that the dealer would have charged. Very friendly staff, professional, and honest.  Would recommend you give them a try.  - Brian P.
I shopped around for the best price on oil changes in the area and this place was the best. They are fast and inexpensive. They don't try to oversell you on other unneeded stuff. Highly recommend.  - Stanley D.
If you don't want to pay the high price from the dealerships, I highly recommend this place. I had a few problems, one after another with my BMW and they helped me out every time! One thing did go wrong with a part defect, but they completely understood and took responsibility of it. Replaced it and did the labor free of charge. They even took me in earlier than anticipated! Thanks for being understanding, knowledgeable, and working with me Wade Automotive!  - Michael R.
The best auto repair! As a women, I usually feel like most auto repair places see nothing but dollar signs when I walk through the door. Everyone at Wades is so helpful and friendly. I have been going here for three years. Highly recommend!  - Kam T.
Took my truck in to rebuild the front suspension. Price was 20% less than shop down the road. Called me back with repair estimate. Had truck back on the road the next day. They are now my favorite Dunwoody mechanic and I have tried them all.  - Jeff M.
I was having car problems and every car repair place I took it to, I would come out with $100-$700 car bill... But I still would have the same car issues. I called Jennifer up and made an appt. She was very nice and knowledgable about cars. Shane worked on my car for a few hours and was upfront and honest. My bill was $21! You could tell the employees love what they do and make the best of things...My floor mats were even vacuumed out when I got my car back!! It's nice to find a place that goes above and beyond. I am definitely coming back here!!!  - Tricia L.
The car was done quickly and at a reasonable price. I come from a family of mechanics and I know when I'm being strong armed. Not here. This is where we will take our cars from now on.  - Sierra S.
Very positive experience with my vehicle. I felt very comfortable dropping my car off and allowing the mechanics to work on the diagnosis and repair. Highly recommended.  - Greg C.

Very friendly and efficient staff. Called about having my brakes serviced and they quickly fit me in. Will definitely go back for future car servicing.  - Brandi A.

Have taken two different cars to Wade....Jesse and Shane are great....Honesty and integrity at a reasonable cost.   - Barry S.

I took my car based on review on Yelp and I was not disappointed. They did an excellent job and the cost was very reasonable. They are quick and the work was excellent. As a women I have never enjoyed going to the mechanic or the dentist. But now I'm cool with going to my new found mechanics-Wade Automotive. the dentist is another story :>). I am really excited about finding them and I have referred a co worker who is taking their car tomorrow. Keep up the great work!!! A extremely happy women customer!  - Charmae G.

Fast. Courteous. Honest. Well priced. The best automotive repair experience ever! I made a same-day appointment and they had my engine running smooth that day. Their prices are EXTREMELY competitive and contrary to belief, as a female having repairs to a vehicle I am confident I was treated with the same respect any man would receive. I will recommend Wade automotive to all my friends, family and coworkers. It's a small town feel in a big city. Thank you Wade!  - Ashlie P.

I have a 2008 BMW 535 xi with 75K+. I needed an oil change and brake fluid flush. I called Wade Automotive in the morning and had an appointment the same day (try that with a dealer). They serviced my vehicle, cleaned the interior, reset the maintenance indicators and got me on my way quickly. The cost is the best part...very reasonable and beats the dealer cost for the same services.  - Michael R.

yup these guys rock!  - Christina W.

I went in to have my car looked at as the engine light was on. With in 30 minutes of walking in they knew what the problem was and how to fix it. The staff was very friendly and explained what was wrong with my car and how they fix it. I will be taking my car here from now on for all my repairs and maintenance.  - Christopher P.

Took my car here based on previous reviews and they are absolutely correct.  Shane worked on my car.  He was able to quickly locate the problem and take me out to my car and show me what was causing my problem.  They even vacuumed my car.  Shane is very personable and answered all my questions regarding this issue and other items on my car.  The pricing was great too.   Shane is the most knowledgeable and friendly mechanic I have ever worked with.
Jennifer was also great at the front desk.  She was also informative.  She called a few times to give me updates on my car which I am thankful for.
I would highly recommend taking your car here if you ever need any work done.  - Michael C.

The service was great and I did not feel like I was being fed with lies. They did not try to upsell or sell me services which are not necessary. On the contrary, I was given a honest assessment on my car and available options. They told me I could wait on certain services which allowed me to save some money. I am really satisfied with their services and would recommend this shop to anyone who needs car services. The guys there were also super friendly. It's refreshing to meet such an honest and thorough mechanic!  - Av N.

Wonderful staff and mechanics, and reasonable prices as well. Everyone takes the time so that you know what the issues are with your car and what needs to be done for repairs. - TorrentX

The guys have always been honest and given me a fair deal. Jesse is very knowledgable and explains the issue in a way that i can understand. They seem to always take the approach to try the less-expensive option first. I have been coming to Wade Auto since I moved to Dunwoody and plan to be a customer for a long time.  - Jason A.

Jesse is by far the best & ethical mechanic I've ever done business with.  -  A. Knight

I moved to Dunwoody a few months ago and was looking for a good auto repair shop. What I found in Wade Automotive Repair was an EXCELLENT auto repair shop. I have been in there several times this year and have received both amazing quality of work and great customer service. Shane and Jennifer are both fabulous and helpful. Being a woman who knows nothing about cars I have been to shops and been completely taken advantage of. Not the case here. These people are honest and helpful. They will only fix what needs to be fixed. They won't try to talk you into services you don't need. They will advise of things that could become problems but aren't immediate issues. And, their prices are very reasonable. Shane has even installed a taillight for me and tightened a very squealy belt for me for free. I had my brakes done there and they did an amazing job at a great price. This place is truly a gem and I am so happy to have found it. I would highly recommend this place to everyone that wants great, honest, cost-effective, quality service.  - Tara V.

As a female I used to dread when I had to take my car into a repair shop. I just knew I was taken advantage of and always overpaying for something that I didn't even need. Well, it is not the case with Wade auto repair shop. Jesse, the owner is very honest, friendly, and knowledgeable. You can tell that he is passionate about his business. He will tell you what is wrong with your car, what your car needs and how much it exactly will be without trying to take advantage of you. I recommend his shop to all of my friends now! As long as they are in business they will have me as their loyal customer. Now I don't feel like I am taken advantage of anymore!!! Thank you Wade!  - Inessa L.

Went in for a tune-up and came out happy. They were faster than I thought they would be, the price that I was quoted was close to the actual price I was charged, and I when I got into my car to leave, I realized they had vacuumed it for me (my car hasn't been vacuumed in a very long time)! Also, he noticed that I was charged for a rotor cap I didn't need and they gave me a refund. Great first impression!  -  Courtney S.

I've been looking for a car repair shop where they're knowlegeable, honest, reasonable, and helpful - and I found it here! Quick turnaround, they don't try to upsell you anything, thorough in checking out my car - really pleasant dealings from start to finish.  -  Maurine B.

I had drivetrain work on my Nissan Maxima, These guys were honest with their estimate and the work was dealer quality. Total professionals, good to find an honest local mechanic. The best. - Broc N.

I recently had a very pleasant experience with Wade Automotive. If you are looking for honest, hard working people then this is the place to bring your car. I recently had some car trouble and Wade Auto took excellent care of me and my car. In the automotive world it is easy to be tricked or sold a bunch of goods and services that are just not needed in the repair. It is up to the mechanic to provide truthful and reasonable solutions to fixing your car right the first time. Wade auto took the time to troubleshoot my car issue and then took the effort to re test everything again to be sure. I was originally quoted a $650 repair bill but when I arrived to pick up my car I was happy to find out it was only 400 because the mechanic took the time to troubleshoot the issues. It is extremely hard to find an honest mechanic these days but if you are looking for one, Wade Automotive is the place to go. You will be treated with respect and they will take the time to explain the issue and also take the time to make sure it is done right. I strongly encourage you to take your car here for future automotive repairs and service. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. - Mike G.

I own a 2007 BMW 530 that I normally get serviced at Global BMW. Both Global BMW and United BMW have horrific customer service and they gouge customers. I needed a new battery and it wasn't covered under my extended warranty. The dealer wanted almost $500 and Wade did the same work for $220. These guys were fast, friendly and they know BMWs. If you own a BMW look Wade Automotive up. - Mike M.

The company provides the best Automotive service you can get at a fare price. Jesse, the owner, will provide complete information of the problem and advise you on the function of the part in question and need to replace. Shane, a mechanic in the shop and Jennifer the receptionist are very customer oriented people too. This outfit is the best and very experienced Doctor's in all makes of automobiles.  - Robert S.

"I had my car fixed at Wade Auto and I thought they did a great job. They are getting busy so I had a little bit of a wait but that is my only criticism. I approved brakes and was surprised to have them call me in the middle of the job and tell me they found I actually don't need them and there was no charge - honesty is rare these days, but it is abundant at Wade Auto! Thanks again for everything guys!   - Donna H.

"I can't believe how honest these guys are!! I have dealt with so many shady places but I felt like I would be treated great from the moment I walked in the door - and I was! Jesse is obviously great with cars, but he is great with people too!   - Jackie L.

Jesse is the most honest and capable mechanic I have ever met!
Have you ever met a mechanic that would turn down money (even if it is in the customer's best interest)? Go to Jesse and you will meet a mechanic who will look out for you and your car!     - Allegra K.

"These guys are good mechanics, and nice people too. They also gave me a good price on all the work."    -  Dave D.

"If you are looking for honest, hard working people then this is the place to bring your car. It is extremely hard to find an honest mechanic these days but if you are looking for one, Wade Automotive is the place to go."    - Mike K.

"... very outgoing and excellent service! You are professional and value oriented and I like that!"  - Jack K.

"A+ service! Thanks a bunch!"  - Don F.

"Two different shops could not find the problem with my car but you guys found it within an hour for free!... Nice work and good price too! I'll definitely use you from now on!"   - Kendra T.

"Jesse and his guys have went above and beyond to service my sons first car. Jesse takes his work very personal and I appreciate the care and concern that he took for my son. The car is just humming! TOP NOTCH PROS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"   - Scott K.

"Thanks so much for all the help! The car is running great now!"   - Ken B.

"I never expected you would call with a cheaper price than you originally quoted - honesty and incredible service! Thanks so much!   - Sarah G.

"Great service, great price, really nice people! Glad you're now in town!"  - Raj R.

"I'm picky, but you guys were GREAT! Thanks for the education, no one has bothered to explain and show exactly what I need and why...."  - Marcus E.

"...came in on a Sunday for me! Awesome and very helpful! I was quoted a lot from another shop and Wade found I didn't even need the repair - the right repair was done at a much cheaper cost! Thanks so much!..."  - Jacob F.

"Thanks for being honest and not gouging me to fix my beemer.... very professional and courteous!!!"   - Patrick L.

"...recommended by (name withheld) because of your great service and I gotta say I'm so happy! Thanks for taking such good care of our car!"   - Natalie C.

"Great people, great service... thanks so much!"   - Vic W.

"Congratulations on your new shop! Awesome service and great price!"   - Debbie T.